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    Celebrating 20 Years Since the World’s First Dual Outlet Blow-Off Valve

    In a time before Justin Bieber, Y2K, and even Google, the year is 1998 and GFB’s founding engineer John Adrian is so sick of his new WRX stalling with an atmosphere-venting BOV he decided he didn’t want to live in a world any longer without a dual port BOV…
    …so he invented it!

    Known as the “Hybrid”, this world-first became the flagship model of the newly formed company Go Fast Bits. The two venting ports of this revolutionary valve were staged on the body such that the recirc port opened before the atmo port, helping to prevent backfiring and stalling on cars with a MAF sensor, whilst still giving the signature blow off sound when the car is driven harder.

    This innovation was so successful that the technology has since been adopted by almost every other BOV brand on the market. The Hybrid then went on to evolve into GFB’s next world-first, the venting bias adjustable BOV now known as the Respons TMS, and then to the electronically adjustable version, the Deceptor Pro.

    14 products
    GFB T9204 Hybrid Dual Outlet Valve (200SX 93-03) - Sydney Performance Parts & Tyres - Prestons Sydney Australia
    GFB T9204 Hybrid Dual Outlet Valve (200SX 93-03)
    Go Fast Bits
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