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    From mild lobe patterns to highly aggressive profiles, we’ve got a broad range of camshaft styles and grinds to meet your performance demands. Give your performance car that lumpy, high performance idle or hold on for high-lift, high-rpm race performance. We have cams for street, street/strip, and race applications and many others. Choose hydraulic flat tappet, hydraulic roller, and mechanical camshafts from the best in the bumpstick business: COMP Cams, Crane Cams, Isky, Trick Flow, Howards Cams, Lunati, and more. You won’t find a bigger selection of camshafts anywhere else!

    A camshaft is a metal rod that drives an engine. There are one or more cams, or irregular lobes, that actuate parts of the machine along the rod. ... The camshaft activates a cylinder's intake and exhaust valves. One lobe will activate the intake valve, followed by a second lobe that activates the exhaust valve.

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